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Asco Filtri S.p.A. is proud to announce that has been acquired by Mott Corporation,
its longtime strategic partner.

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Filtration Systems

Tailor made filtration systems for refineries and petrochemical complexes

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Static or automated filtering units

Static or automatic filtration systems for off-shore and on-shore exploration & production

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Filter elements

Filter elements and housings for food & beverage applications

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Sterilizing filter elements

Sterilizing filter elements for pharmaceutical, biotechnologies and semiconductors applications

Chemical and Petrolchimical

Filtration system for petrochemical and fine chemical plants

Refineries and Gas

Engineered filtration unit for refineries and gas treatment plant

Water treatment

Cartridges and housings for water treatment plants

Food & Beverage

Cartridges and housings for food & beverage applications


Sterilizing cartridges for pharmaceutical application

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