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Projects development

If you require consultancies for preliminary projects, feasibility studies or projects implementation, Asco Filtri is the ideal partner thanks to a technical team with a wealth of experience in a wide range of applications that will be useful to help you to define the key features of your filtration system as: construction materials, filtration rating, delta-p, etc.

Prototype design

Asco Filtri, thanks to the experience gained by its staff in years of activity in process filtration, is your ideal partner for the development of prototypes or new filtration systems from which you can scal-up to any final and custom made industrial systems.

Our team of engineers will be able to quickly develop a practical and economical solution to your needs.

Pilot unit

Asco Filtri can provide to its customers, a number of pilot units for the different need to conduct small scale field trials to test the feasibility and operational data for the subsequent scale-up at industrial scale. Asco Filtri can provide fully automatic pilot units for the Slurry Oil filtration in FCC / RFCC plants, for the gasoil filtration to feed the Hydrocracker and Hydrotreater unit, for the recovery of activated carbon and catalysts in chemical plants, for gas-liquid or liquid-liquid coalescence.


Our after-sales service support customers for spare parts as well as for technical consultancies. Asco Filtri provides, for the entire lifetime of our equipment: original spare parts delivery, potential improvements at existing unit and operators training. Asco Filtri has a particularly wide products range suitable to offer economical and technically improved alternative solutions for the retrofitting of your existing filters.

On-site service

Asco Filtri, thanks to a multi-component and multi-disciplinary technical team can help by assisting its customers for the operations of commissioning and start-up of their filtration systems. The technical staff of Asco Filters can provide valuable solutions

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